The Growing Pains Podcast

Nicole Trick Steinbach

December 13, 2023 Alyson Caffrey Episode 43
The Growing Pains Podcast
Nicole Trick Steinbach
Show Notes

Nicole Trick Steinbach is the Founder of Trick Steinbach LLC, the host of the Celebrate Brave podcast, and an International Bravery Coach. She helps women build their bravery and shows them how to stress and work less. She teaches women all over the world to build their own brave.

Nicole’s framework of clarity, momentum, and accountability helps her clients set goals and establish the mindset they need to sustain their success. Nicole coaches women to view all of their successes, mistakes, and even failures as equal stepping stones to building their brave life and career.

When Nicole isn’t serving her clients you can find her reading a new book, enjoying the outdoors with her two kiddos, and learning with others on her own podcast.



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