The Growing Pains Podcast

Finley and Brooke Robinson [Partner Summer Series 02]

June 08, 2023 Alyson Caffrey Season 2 Episode 32
The Growing Pains Podcast
Finley and Brooke Robinson [Partner Summer Series 02]
Show Notes

Meet Brooke:

Brooke has spent most of her life "creating." No matter the season of life, she has been a creator. Art. Relationships. Photography. A Fitness Community. After her early years of marriage and babies, followed by helping a family member through a long season of cancer, she embraced a new calling to help women find joy in prioritizing their own health and wellness. She spent a decade teaching at her local gym before launching out on her own to create her fitness membership at She has witnessed the power of community to transform and believes it is the key to sustainable long term mental and physical health in women.


Meet Finley:

Finley spent 20 years of his life caring for and developing teenagers and young adults in a local church as a pastor. When he wasn't helping raise his 3 kids, he spent his nights and weekends working alongside his wife Brooke in their various businesses, art, photography, and now fitness. 18 months ago he left his job in order to work full time as a creator and coach alongside his wife and helps manage their business @btribalfit. On the side, he also has started writing a newsletter for parents of 3-13 year olds, passing on what their family learned to the next generation of parents.


Check out their business page at


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