The Growing Pains Podcast

Jackie Mack

November 15, 2023 Alyson Caffrey Season 3 Episode 39
The Growing Pains Podcast
Jackie Mack
Show Notes

Jacquelyn is a Radical Self Mastery Mentor and Coach, as well as a High Ticket Sales Expert specializing in assisting online service business owners. With a background as an old paradigm ball buster, Jacquelyn excels in breaking through barriers and challenging limiting beliefs to foster the creation and experience of genuine wealth in various aspects of life. Her focus revolves around instilling principles of fun, simplicity, growth, and consistency.

In her professional capacity, Jacquelyn dedicates herself to aiding busy and successful high performers, high achievers, and online service providers, along with their clientele, in surpassing the constraints of their current level of success and outdated programming. Her mission is to unlock time freedom and financial independence like never before, empowering her clients to confidently generate a return on investment with every strategic move.

Residing in Orlando, Florida, Jacquelyn enjoys the serenity of her property situated near a tranquil lake. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is a devoted wife to Justin, her partner in adventures since 2005. Jacquelyn is also a mother to two remarkable, free-spirited daughters, Katelyn (7) and Kelsey (5). Her love for animals is evident through her role as a caretaker to Bella, a high-energy Weimaraner, and Lucky, a free-range bunny that roams their expansive back patio.




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