The Growing Pains Podcast

Rani Alfers

November 22, 2023 Alyson Caffrey Episode 40
The Growing Pains Podcast
Rani Alfers
Show Notes

Rani Alfers is an accomplished Entrepreneur. Over the last 17 years she has built a successful All Lines Insurance Agency in Texas by leading a team that continues to win awards and is notably recognized in DFW.

Since starting her first business in college, Rani’s passion for supporting women owned businesses has seasoned. She invests in Women Founders, Creators and Owners through her company EMR Equity.

Through a recent acquisition, she currently serves as Interim CEO of EMK Skincare. Rani is a Louisiana native and considers Dallas, TX her home. She is connected locally as a professional relationship builder and is heartily involved in the community. She is making an impact through her Podcast, Working Women Mentor. Guests share their triumph stories and invite listeners to be inspired by “Mentor Moments” from passionate woman.

A proud Mom raising her only child, Carter to be a wonderful human, a future leader and to do it all with laughter, compassion and with intention.



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